Current Affairs 13th August 2019

Current Affairs 13th August 2019

Current Affairs 13th August 2019 covers some important current affairs based on the examination point of view. All Current Affairs are mentioned below:-

Current Affairs 13th August 2019 - Table of Contents:-
  • Extension of Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary
  • City Knowledge & Innovation Clusters
  • Perseids Meteor Showers
  • National Youth Awards
  • Cancer under Ayushman Bharat

    • Prelims Facts:-
    • Aishwarya Pissay
    • AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System)

Extension of Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary:-
Recently, the Forest Department identified around 300 hectares of revenue land for inclusion in the Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary (KWS),

Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary:-
  • Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Andhra Pradesh, India. The sanctuary is a part of the mangrove wetland in Andhra Pradesh and is located in the coastal plain of Krishna delta, spread across Krishna and Guntur districts of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The estuary of the Krishna River passes through the sanctuary.
  • It is believed that this region potentially holds one of the most significant populations of fishing cats in the world.

Fishing Cats:-
  • The fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) is a medium-sized wild cat of South and Southeast Asia.
  • Fishing cat populations are threatened by the destruction of wetlands and have declined severely over the last decade.
  • The fishing cat is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List.
  • The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) lists the fishing cat on Appendix II part of Article IV of CITES.
  • In India, the fishing cat is included in Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 and thereby protected from hunting.

City Knowledge & Innovation Clusters:-

Six cities — Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Jodhpur, Pune, Ahmedabad & Hyderabad will be developed as City Knowledge and Innovation Clusters.
  • These clusters will provide a connect between the existing research and knowledge setups at institutions and various industries that exist in the city or state.
  • A huge amount of knowledge and fiscal resources exist within a city or region. If these independent entities connect through a virtual platform, optimization of resources can be achieved and various sectors will be able to work in partnership.

About the Project:-
  • The project will assist industries in gaining access to existing technology, and help academic institutions and R&D facilities commercialize this technology.
  • Under the project, each city cluster will have a nodal office headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who will be selected by the stakeholders. Government officials, such as municipal commissioners, will also be a part of the city cluster.
  • The nodal offices will be run and funded by the PSA’s office for the first three years, within which time the stakeholders will have to look at how to make the initiative independent of government funding and sustainable.

Objective of the Project:-
  • The aim of the project is that over a period of time, city clusters will be able to bid for international projects and seek international funding from organizations like the World Bank.
  • To enhance collaboration of research and facilities in the clusters, the government is also planning to set up I-Stemm (a web portal which will function as a nationwide inventory of all public-funded institutions) as well as all scientific instruments and infrastructure.

Perseids Meteor Shower:-

On the evening of August 12th and early on August 13th, the Perseid meteor shower reached its peak, with streaks of light zooming across the skies up to once every minute or so.

  • The Perseids are one of the brighter meteor showers of the year. They occur every year between July 17 and August 24 and tend to peak around August 9-13.
  • Made of tiny space debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle, the Perseids are named after the constellation Perseus. This is because the direction, or radiant, from which the shower seems to come in the sky lies in the same direction as Perseus.
  • The Perseids are widely sought after by astronomers and stargazers because most years at its peak, one can see 60 to 100 meteors in an hour from a dark place.
  • They are visible in the Northern Hemisphere and can be viewed in skies all across.

National Youth Awards:-

The Union Minister for Youth Affairs & Sports Kiren Rijiju conferred the National Youth Awards 2016-17 upon the following 20 individuals and 3 organizations.

Given by: The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Department of Youth Affairs.

Recipients: The awards were conferred on individuals (aged between 15-29 years) and organizations for excellent work and contribution in different fields of development and social service, such as health, promotion of human rights, active citizenship, community service, etc.

Objective of the awards: To motivate young persons to achieve excellence in the field of national development and social service.

Cash prize: The individual award comprises of a medal, a certificate and a cash prize of Rs. 50,000/-. The award to a youth organization includes a medal, a certificate and a cash prize of Rs. 2,00,000/-.

Cancer under Ayushman Bharat:-

Government of India is planning to include all types of cancers and their treatment under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana. It is because cancer care costs cause massive financial crisis among people and many had to go without treatment.

Cancer in India:
  • According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the rate of mortality due to cancer in India is high, with cancer the second-most common disease in India, responsible for maximum mortality, with about 0.3 million deaths per year.
  • Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer in India, followed by breast cancer and oral cancers.
  • The estimated number of people living with the disease stands at around 2.25 million, with over 11 lakh new cancer patients registered each year.
  • In India, the risk of developing cancer before the age of 75 years for males stands at 9.81% and females at 9.42%. The risk of dying from cancer before the age of 75 years stood at 7.34% in males and 6.28% in females.

Important Info:
  • Ayushman Bharat Yojana- Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) is the Central Government’s health insurance scheme that aims to give medical cover to over 10 crore poor and vulnerable families of approximately 50 crore beneficiaries, providing coverage of up to ₹5 lakh per family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalization.
  • So far, 16,000 hospitals have been impaneled, nearly 34 lakh beneficiaries have been admitted, and 9 crore e-cards have been issued.

Prelims Facts:-

  • Aishwarya Pissay:-
    Aishwarya Pissay became the first Indian to claim a world title in motorsports as she won the FIM World Cup in women’s category after the final round of the championship in Varpalota, Hungary. The event was conducted by the International Motorcycling Federation, the governing body for motorcycle racing in the world.

  • AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System):-AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) is a bank-led model which allows basic interoperable banking transactions such as cash withdrawals, intrabank or inter-bank fund transfers and balance inquiry with micro automated teller machines (ATM) through a business correspondent using Aadhaar authentication.

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