Daily Current Affairs of 14 May 2024 with MCQ

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Current Affairs of 14 May 2024

Current Affairs of 14 May 2024

Q1) Recently Mikhail Mishustin has become the Prime Minister of which country again?

A. Pakistan
B. Indonesia
C. Japan
D. Russia

Answer: D. Russia

Important Point:

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has re-appointed former President Mikhail Mishustin as the country’s Prime Minister.

About Russia:

  • Capital: Moscow
  • Currency: Ruble
  • President: Vladimir Putin
  • Military Exercise: Indra, Avia Indra
  • Agreements with India S-400, Ak-203 assault rifles. Recently, Russia successfully tested Angara rocket.

Important Point:

Important Appointments:

  • Ishaq Dar has become the new Deputy Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  • Prabowo Subianto has been appointed the President of Indonesia.
  • Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah Al Ahmed Al Sabah has been elected Prime Minister of Kuwait.
  • Lawrence Bong has been appointed the new Prime Minister of Singapore.
  • Peter Pellegrini has won the election of the President of Slovakia.
  • Abdel Fattah Al Sisi has been elected President of Egypt for the third time.
  • Judith Suminwa Tuluka has been appointed the first female Prime Minister of Congo.

Q2) Who is the first Indian male wrestler to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics?

A. Bajrang Punia
B. Aman Sehrawat
C. Sushil Kumar
D. Yogeshwar Dutt

Answer: B. Aman Sehrawat

  • Indian wrestler Aman Sehrawat has become the first Indian male wrestler to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Q3) Recently, which country’s player Colin Munro has announced his retirement from international cricket?

A. West Indies
B. South Africa
C. New Zealand
D. Australia

Answer: C. New Zealand

  • Recently New Zealand player Colin Munro announced his retirement from international cricket.

Q4) Who became the first person to climb Mount Everest for the 29th time?

A. Kami Rita Sherpa
B. Pasang Dewa Sherpa
C. Oleg Kononenko
D. Chris Brown

Answer: A. Kami Rita Sherpa

  • Nepal’s famous mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa has broken her own world record for climbing Mount Everest the most number of times.
  • This 54-year-old mountaineer reached this 8849 meter high peak for the 29th time.
  • Twenty climbers were involved in this mountaineering expedition organized by Seven Summit Tracks.

Q5) According to recent information, where is the world’s largest airport being built?

A. Dubai
B. Hubli
C. London
D. Vienna

Answer: A. Dubai

Important Point:

  • Construction of the world’s largest airport started in Dubai.
  • Name: Al Maktoum International Airport
  • This airport will be approximately five times larger than the current Dubai International Airport.
  • Project cost: $35 billion

About UAE:

  • Capital: Abu Dhabi
  • President: Mohammed-bin-Zayed-Al-Nahyan

Q6) Who recently won the presidential election of Chad?

A. Idris Deby
B. Emmanuel Macron
C. Asif Ali
D. Pravanto Subyanto

Answer: A. Idris Deby

Important Point:

Republic of Chad:

  • Chad is a landlocked city located in north-central Africa.
  • Capital: N’Djamena
  • Currency: CFA franc
  • President: Mahamat Idris Déby Itno

Q7) Recently, which organization adopted the first law to tackle violence against women?

A. European Union (EU)
B. United Nations (UN)
C. African Union (AU)

Answer: A. European Union (EU)

  • The European Union (EU) adopted its first law to combat violence against women.
  • The law requires EU countries to criminalize female genital mutilation, forced marriage and online harassment.
  • However, the law does not include a general definition of rape. The EU Commission proposes legislation in 2022.

Q8) Kami Rita has completed climbing Mount Everest for a record 29th time. She belongs to which country?

A. Nepal
B. Bhutan
C. Japan
D. India

Answer: C. Japan

  • Kami Rita of Nepal has broken her own world record by climbing Mount Everest 29 times.
  • Kami Rita reached the peak on 12 May 2024
  • This is the 29th time in the last 30 years that he has climbed the world’s highest peak.
  • Mountaineer Kami Rita is known as the Everest Man

About Mount Everest:

  • The highest mountain peak in the world is located in the great Himalayan region of the Himalayas.
  • Its summit point was 8,848.86 m in 2020.
  • The name is named after George Everest, the former Surveyor General of India
  • It is known as Chomolungma in Tibetan
  • It is known as Sagarmatha in Nepal
  • Mount Everest was formed after the collision of the Indian and Eurasian plates 40 to 50 million years ago
  • On 29 May 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand became the in the world to climb Mount Everest, ist person or Everest, accompanied by Nepali-Indian Sherpa Tenzing Norgay
  • The Government of India also instituted the Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award in 1994 in his honor.

  • Junko Tabei of Japan was the first woman to climb Mount Everest
  • She climbed to the summit on May 16, 1975
  • Bachendri Pal was the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest on 23 May 1984
  • The first woman to climb Mount Everest twice Santosh Yadav in 1992 and 1993
  • World’s first disabled person to climb Mount Everest – Arunima Sinha in 2013
  • The youngest girl in the world to climb Mount Everest – Malvanath Poorna in 2014 (she was 13 years and 11 months old at that time)
  • World’s oldest woman to climb Mount Everest-Sangeeta Sindhi Bahi, aged in 2018.
  • Muthamizh Selvi becomes the first Tamil Nadu woman to scale Mount Everest

Q9) Which country has won the 30th Sultan Azlan Shah Trophy?

A. Pakistan
C. Argent
B. India
D. Japan

Answer: D. Japan

  • Japan has won its Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Trophy for the first time by defeating Pakistan 4-1 in a shootout in the final penalty
  • Malaysia is in third place, followed by New Zealand, South Korea, and Canada in the last place
  • The final was played at the Azlan Shah Stadium in Ipoh City of Malaysia
  • India has won the Trophy Sultan Azlan Shah 5 times in 1985, 1991, 1995, 2009, 2010

Current Affairs of 14 May 2024

  • The Sultan Azlan Shah Trophy is organized in Malaysia
  • It started in 1983 as a biennial competition
  • After its popularity, it was turned into an annual contest in 1999
  • The trophy is named after Sultan Azlan Shah, the former Sultan of the state of Perak Malaysia
  • Australia is the most successful team in this competition having won it 10 times
  • India is the second most successful team with 5 titles and Pakistan has won 3 titles

Hockey related trophies:

  • Aga Khan Cup, Beighton Cup, Dhyan Chand Trophy, Lady Ratan Tata Trophy, Nehru Trophy, Rangaswamy Trophy, Scindia Trophy, Masters Champions Trophy, Bombay Gold Cup

Q10) Idashisha of which Nongrang has become the first woman DGP state?

A. Tripura
B. Meghalaya
C. Assam
D. Nagaland

Answer: B. Meghalaya

  • Idashisha Nongrang has been appointed as the first woman Director General of Police (DGP) of Meghalaya
  • Idashisha Nongrang is currently the Director General of Meghalaya Civil Defence and also belongs to the Khasi community

First Women 2024:

First WomenPerson Name
BSF’s first woman sniperSuman Kumari
India’s first female pitch curatorJacintha Kalyan
Britain’s first female High Commissioner to IndiaLindy Cameron
First Indian woman to be included in the Paris Olympics juryBilquis Mir
Pakistan’s first female CMMaryam Nawaz
First Woman Subedar of Indian ArmyPreeti Rajak
First Woman Assistant-D- Camp (ADC)Manisha Padhi
First woman ambulance driverM. Veeralakshmi
First woman Director General of CISFNeena Singh
First woman Chief Justice of Uttarakhand High CourtRitu Bahri
India’s first woman firefighter airportDisha Naik

About Meghalaya:

  • Governor: Phagu Chauhan
  • Chief Minister: Conrad Sangma (NPP)
  • Rajya Sabha: 1 seat
  • Lok Sabha: 2 seats
  • Lake: Umiam Lake
  • River: Kopili
  • National Parks: Balpakram National Park, Nokrek National Park
  • Tribes of Meghalaya: KHASI, GARO & JAINTIA

Q11) Minerals Videsh India Ltd will acquire a lithium block in which country in FY2025?

A. Australia
B. New Zealand
C. Argentina
D. Japan

Answer: A. Australia

About Lithium:

  • It is a non-ferrous metal
  • It is used in making mobile-laptop, electric vehicles, and other chargeable batteries
  • Lithium is the lightest and softest metal in the world.
  • 47 percent of the world’s lithium is produced in Australia.

largest reserves of Lithium in the world:

Country NameAmount
Portugal 60 thousand metric tons
America7.50 lakh metric tons
Brazil95 thousand metric tons
China15 lakh metric tons
Zimbabwe2.20 lakh metric tons
Australia 57 lakh metric tons
Chile 92 lakh metric tons
Argentina 22 lakh metric tons
  • Recently a huge lithium reserve was discovered under the Salton Sea of California, USA, which contains an contains of D estimated 18 million tons of lithium
  • In the year 2023, an estimated 5.9 million tonnes of huge reserves have been discovered in the Salal-Haimana area of the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir
  • In the year 2023, additional reserves of lithium have been discovered in Koderma and Giridih areas of Jharkhand


  1. Jammu & Kashmir
  2. Rajasthan
  3. Arunachal Pradesh
  4. Jharkhand
  5. Meghalaya
  6. Chhattisgarh
  7. Nagaland

Note: During field season program 2022-23, GSi has tohen up 18 projects on Lithium and associated elements in these states.

Q12) Who has recently become the President of IFFCO again?

A. Vivek Kolhe
B. Dilip Sanghani
C. N andrasekar
D. Jaya Tripathi

Answer: B. Dilip Sanghani

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO):

  • has successfully conducted its 15th RGB elections to its Board of Directors
  • The election involved the participation of more than 36,000 cooperatives
  • In the elections, Dilip Sanghani has been elected as the President and Balbir Singh as the Vice President of IFFCO
  • Apart from this, 21 directors have also been selected


  • In India, nano urea is manufactured by IFFCO
  • IFFCO was established in 1967
  • The current chairman of IFFCO is Dilip Sanghani
  • IFFCO-Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited.

Important Current Affairs:

  • PM Modi has launched a new type of urea called “Urea Gold” in Rajasthan
  • A nano urea plant has been set up at Deoghar in Jharkhand
  • IFFCO’s Nano Urea Liquid Plants have been set up at Aonla and Phulpur in Uttar Pradesh
  • India will stop importing urea by the end of 2025

Q13) Which day has been declared as World Football Day by the United Nations?

A. 24 May
B. 20 May
C. 25 May
D. 21 May

Answer: C. 25 May

  • The United Nations General Assembly has declared May 25 as World Football Day
  • The day marks the 100th anniversary of the first international football tournament in history
  • The tournament was held on 25 May 1924 during the Olympic Games in Paris
  • Libya’s UN Ambassador Taher al-Soni presented the proposal at the UN

New Days Recently Announced:

  • 17 September- ‘Hyderabad Independence Day’
  • 25 November-No Non Veg Day (in UP)
  • 23 August- National Space Day
  • 23 January- Parakram Diwas
  • 11 February – Dedication Day
  • 17 March-Inspiration Day
  • 14 April – Equality Day
  • 7 August – Javelin Throw Day
  • 14 Aug-Partition Horrors Remembrance Day
  • 11 September – Mahapoet Day
  • 17 September – Social Justice Day
  • 5 October – National Dolphin Day
  • 15 November – Tribal Pride Day
  • 6 December – Friendship Day
  • 26 December-Children’s Day

Q14) India and which country have a 10-year contract signed for Chabahar port?

A. Iran
B. Iraq
C. Jordan
D. Syria

Answer: A. Iran

  • India and Iran have signed a 10-year contract for Chabahar port
  • During this agreement, Ports, Shipping and Waterways Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has joined the agreement
  • Chabahar has become the first port to be handled by the Indian government abroad
  • India has also offered a $250 million credit window for the development of Chabahar port
  • Currently, work is underway on the plan to integrate Chabahar port with the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC)
  • India’s connectivity with Russia will be easier through this port.

Q15) Who has become the first Indian to Trampoline Gymnastics Championshipswin a medal at the Asian

A. Deepika Soreng
B. Takshavi Vaghani avi
C. Creation Khandagale
D. Rashmi Kumari

Answer: C. Creation Khandagale

  • India’s Srishti Khandagale has created history by becoming the first Indian to win a medal at the Asian Trampoline Gymnastics Championships ST

Q16) Who has become the Chairman of Tata Electronics?

A. Banamali Agarwal
B. Sarvadananda Barnwal
C. N Chandrasekaran
D. Sunil Kumar Yadav

Answer: C. N Chandrasekaran

  • Tata Group has appointed Tata Sons
  • chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran as chairman of Tata Electronics
  • Chandrasekaran will replace Banamali Agarwal
  • He has also served as the chairman of Tata Motors and Tata Global Beverages
  • Founded in 2020, Tata Electronics is the only Indian company to assemble iPhone enclosure for Apple

Recent Appointments:

New AppointmentPerson Name
Chairman of HDFC LifeKeki Mistry
Chief of Naval StaffDinesh Kumar Tripathi
Brand Ambassador of Citroen IndiaMS Dhoni
MD of Dhanlaxmi BankAjit Kumar KK
First head of GST Appellate TribunalSanjay Kumar Mishra
National Ambassador of UNICEF IndiaKareena Kapoor Khan
Brand Ambassador of Gurugram AdministrationYuzvendra Chahal
Country Manager of VisaSujai Raina
Director in the Ministry of AYUSHSubodh Kumar

Q17) INS Kiltan has recently visited which country?

A. Viet Nam
B. Indonesia
C. Japan
D. Philippines

Answer: A. Viet Nam

  • On 12 May 2024, Eastern Fleet INS Kiltan has arrived in Cam Run Bay of Vietnam
  • The main aim of the visit is to enhance cooperation between the two navies through professional interaction, sporting interacti events, social exchanges and community outreach navies
  • INS Delhi and Shakti arrived at Kota
  • Kinabalu Port in Malaysia on 12 May 2024

About Vietnam:

  • Capital: Hanoi
  • Prime Ministe: Pham Minh Chính
  • Currency: Vietnamese
  • EXERCISE VINBAX-23 is held between India and Vietnam

About Malaysia:

  • Capital: Kuala Lumpur
  • Currency: Malaysian ringgit
  • King: Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar
  • PM: Anwar Ibrahim

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