Daily Current Affairs of 15 May 2024 with MCQ

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Current Affairs of 15 May 2024

Current Affairs of 15 May 2024

Q1) Which country’s Parliament has passed a bill allowing prisoners to join the army ?

A. Haiti
B. Myanmar
C. Ukraine
D. Israel

Answer: C. Ukraine

Important Point:

  • The move comes as the Ukrainian army faces a severe manpower shortage, which has been exacerbated by ongoing Russian advances on the battlefield, Al Jarira reports.
  • Previously, Ukrainian officials had strongly opposed such measures, and had often condemned Moscow for employing prisoners to bolster its military ranks.

About Ukraine:

  • Capital: Kyiv
  • Currency: Ukrainian Hryvnia
  • President: Volodymyr Zelensky

Q2) Which country has recently qualified to become a member of UN?

A. Sweden
B. Slovenia
C. Palestine
D. Iran

Answer: C. Palestine

Important Point:

  • Palestine has qualified to become a member of the United Nations. Voting on this took place in the UN on 10 May.
  • This proposal was brought on the demand of Arab countries. India voted in favor of Palestine
  • Of the 193 UN member states, 143 voted in favor of Palestine, while 9 voted against it. The protesting countries included America and Israel.
  • 25 countries distanced themselves from this voting. With this voting, Palestine has not become a member of the UN, but has been able to qualify to become a member. Mom 9

About Palestine:

  • Capitals: Jerusalem
  • President: Mahmoud Abbas

Q3) Where has the world’s largest plant for extracting CO2 from air been opened recently?

A. Denmark
B. Iceland
C. Mexico
D. Argentina

Answer: B. Iceland

Important Point:

  • Recently, the world’s largest plant to extract CO2 from the air has been opened in Iceland. Climaworks has opened the world’s largest operational Direct Air Capture (DAC) plant to extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the current record of which is the Mammoth Plant in Iceland. Almost ten times larger than the holder.

Q4) In which state is Pench Tiger Reserve, which was in news recently, located?

A. Maharashtra
B. Gujarat
C. Haryana
D. Rajasthan

Answer: A. Maharashtra

  • A leopard cat, scientifically known as Prionelurus bengalensis
  • Hai, was spotted in the Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra, marking its first appearance there. The forest-dwelling felid species is recognized for its leopard-like hair.

About Maharashtra:

  • Formation: 1 May 1960
  • Capital: Mumbai
  • Governor: Shri Ramesh Bais
  • Chief Minister: Shri Eknath Shinde
  • Assembly: 288
  • Lok Sabha: 48
  • Rajya Sabha: 19
  • Language: Marathi
  • Districts: 36

National Parks:

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Navegaon National Park
  • Pench National Park

Maharashtra Current Affairs:

  • Maharashtra government has signed an agreement with Google for the use of AI in health and education sectors.
  • 27th National Youth Festival was organized in Nashik
  • ‘Rashmi Shukla has been appointed as the new DGP of Maharashtra Police.
  • Maharashtra is the largest recipient state of FDI

Q5) By whom is the liquid oxygen kerosene driven semi-cryogenic engine being developed?


Answer: B. ISRO

Important Point:

  • ISRO is developing liquid oxygen kerosene powered semi-cryogenic engine.
  • Its purpose is to increase the payload capacity of Launch Vehicle Mark-3 (LVM3).
  • It will be an engine of 2,000 kilonewton thrust working on liquid oxygen (LOX) kerosene propellant combination.
  • It has been used for the first time in ISRO’s 2000 Kilonewton Semi-Cryogenic.

Q6) Who has become India’s 85th chess Grandmaster?

A. P Shyamnikhil
B. Aditya Samant
D. Pranesh M
C. Sayantan Das

Answer: A. P Shyamnikhil

About P Shyamnikhil:

  • P Shyamnikhil earned the International Masters (IM) degree in 2011
  • The title of Grandmaster is awarded by FIDE

Important Facts:

YearGrand Master NamePosition
1961Manuel AronFirst Indian to receive an International Master’s Degree
1979Jayshree KhadikFirst Indian to become Grandmaster
1988Viswanathan AnandFirst Indian woman to get a female International Master
2001Subbaraman VijayalakshmiFirst Female Indian Grandmaster in Chess

Grandmaster Of India:

LevelGrand Masters name
82nd GrandmasterPraneeth Dashtray
83rd GrandmasterAditya Samant
84rd GrandmasterVaishali Rameshbabu


  • International Chess Federation
  • Establishment: 20 July 1924
  • Members: 201
  • President: Arkady Dvorkovic
  • Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland

About Indian Chess:

  • President of All India Chess Federation (AICF): Sanjay Kapur
  • Youngest challenger in the history of chess – D. Gukesh AR
  • Current world chess champion – Ding Liren (China) pion – Ding Live
  • Arjun Erigaysi – India’s No. 1 Chess Player
  • Chess World Cup 2023 Second Winner – RPraggnanandhaa

Q7) Sushil Kumar Modi has passed away, who was he?

A. Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar
B. Governor of Bihar
C. Former Bihar leader
D. Speaker of Bihar Assembly

Answer: A. Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar

  • Sushil Kumar Modi
  • Born: 5 July 1952 Died: 13 May 2024
  • Sushil Kumar Modi was a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar.
  • He was suffering from cancer
  • He became deputy chief minister for the first time in 2005
  • He has also served as the fourth Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar
  • He had earned the nickname “Bhamashah” from Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

Recently passed away:

  • Derek Underwood- England cricketer
  • Murari Lal – Environmentalist
  • Former football star and actor – O. J. Simpson
  • British physicist – Peter Higgs
  • Actor – Visvesvaraya Rao

Bihar Current Affairs:

  • Senior IAS Brajesh Mehrotra has been the new Chief Secretary of Bihar appointed as
  • Narendra Narayan Yadav elected Deputy Speaker of Bihar Assembly Nagi Bird Festival has been organized in Jamui
  • Nand Kishore Yadav elected Speaker of Bihar Assembly
  • The country’s first Bapu of copper has made been built in Patna
  • Bihar has started ‘Mission Daksha’
  • Bihar CM Nitish has launched ‘NITISH’ device for farmers
  • Bihar is the first state to conduct a caste census

Q8) Where will Chhattisgarh’s first 15 MW floating solar plant be installed?

A. Raipur
B. Raigad
C. Bhilai
D. Korba

Answer: C. Bhilai

  • Chhattisgarh’s first floating solar power plant is being built Bhilai Steel Plant-NSPCL
  • Chhattisgarh’s first 15 MW floating solar plant to be set up in Bhilai
  • Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP), the Chhattisgarh-based arm of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) has planned a 15 MW floating solar
  • project at ‘Maroda reservoir’ in Chhattisgarh

Steel Authority of India Limited:

  • Establishment: 19 January 1954
  • Current Chairman: Amarendu Prakash
  • Headquarters: New Delhi
  • It is the largest steel producer owned by the government
  • Steel Authority of India has the status of a Maharatna company

Important CA:

  • Construction of World’s Largest Hybrid Renewable Energy Park – Khewra (Gujarat).
  • India’s largest battery energy storage system-based solar power plant has been installed in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh

Important CA:

  • Madhya Pradesh’s first solar powered city ‘Sanchi’
  • North India’s largest floating and solar power project has been prepared in ‘Chandigarh’
  • India’s first solar-powered boat ‘Aditya’ has been launched in Kerala K
  • India’s first union territory to run 100 percent on solar energy is ‘Diu’
  • Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana has been started in 2024, under which solar panels will be installed crore houses on 1 crore houses.

Q9) The World Hydrogen Summit 2024 has been organized in which country?

B. Japan
C. Netherlands
D. China

Answer: C. Netherlands

  • The World Hydrogen Summit 2024 is being held in Rotterdam, Netherlands from 13th to 15th May 2024
  • India has set up its own pavilion at the event for the first time
  • The India Pavilion has been set up by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India
  • It has been inaugurated by Bhupinder S. Bhalla, Secretary of the Ministry

Important facts related to hydrogen:

  • Created the first indigenous hydrogen electrolyzer – L&T Company
  • India’s first bus to run on green hydrogen – Delhi
  • India’s first green steel brand- Kalyani Feresta
  • National Green Hydrogen Mission Begins – 2023
  • India’s first domestic hydrogen-fuelled electric vessel to be built – Cochin Shipyard
  • India’s first hydrogen fuel ferry launched Thoothukudi (Tamil Nadu)
  • India’s first hydrogen fuel industry to be set up Jamshedpur (Jharkhand)
  • India’s first hydrogen-powered train to start – Haryana
  • First waste-to-hydrogen project set up – Pune (Maharashtra)
  • World’s first liquid hydrogen ferry launched- Norway
  • India’s first pure green hydrogen plant Assam

Q10) Who has become the first Indian male wrestler to secure a quota for Paris Olympics 2024?

A. Aman Sehrawar
B. Vivek Chopra Chopra
C. Deepak Dahiya
D. Bajrang Punia

Answer: A. Aman Sehrawar

  • Aman Sehrawat has become the first Indian male wrestler to secure a quota for the 2024 Paris Olympics
  • Sehrawat, the Asian champion, has secured the Paris quota in the men’s 57kg freestyle category at the World Wrestling Olympic

International Olympic Committee:

  • It is a non-governmental sports organization
  • It is the supreme authority for the conduct of the Olympic Games
  • It is located in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • It was founded on 23 June 1894
  • Members-103
  • Motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius-Communiter (Latin: Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together)

Paris Olympics 2024:

  • From 26 July 2024 to 11 August 2024, the French capital will be in Paris
  • Paris 2024 will feature ‘breaking’ games for the first time
  • Break-dancing, skateboarding, sport port climbing and surfing will also be included in the list of sports in Paris Olympics 2024
  • Sharath Kamal to be India’s flagbearer at 2024 Olympics Paris
  • Shooter Abhinav Bindra has been selected as the torchbearer for the Paris 2024 Olympics
  • Jammu and Kashmir’s Bilkis Mir has become the first Indian to be appointed as a jury member at the Paris 2024 Olympics

Q11) Which Indian cultural objects have been included in the 2024 cycle of UNESCO’s memory of the World Asia-Pacific Regional Register?

A. Ramcharitmanas
B. Panchatantra
C. Sahridayaloka-lokan
D. All of the above

Answer: D. All of the above

  • India’s Ramcharitmanas, Panchatantra and Sahridaylok-Lochan have been included in the 20 items of the 2024 cycle of UNESCO’s ‘Memory of the World Asia-Pacific Regional Register’ of the Asia Pacific region
  • Ramcharitmanas was written by Tulsidas in the 16th century in the Awadhi dialect
  • Panchatantra is written by Vishnu Sharma
  • Panchatantra is written in Sanskrit
  • ‘Sahridayaloka-lokan’ was composed by Acharya Anandvardhan in Sanskrit


  • Founded: 16 November 1945
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • Director General: Audrey Azoulay
  • Members: 193 members and 11 associate members


  • There is a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN).
  • Its mission is to promote international peace through education, nature and social sciences, culture and communication.
  • Recently, Santiniketan (West Bengal) and Hoysala Temple (Karnataka) have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • UNESCO has decided to add 18 sites to the Global Geoparks Network.
  • Now the total number of geoparks has reached 213 in 48 countries.

Q12) Which space agency is working on a space Track (FLOA project called “Flexible Levitation on for the Moon?


Answer: A. NASA

  • NASA has revealed plans to build a flying robot train on the surface of the moon.
  • The project has been named “Flexible Levitation on a Track (FLOAT)”.
  • The purpose of this project is to provide a robotic transport system to astronauts reaching the moon.

About NASA:

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Establishment: 29 July 1958
  • Headquarters: Washington DC (US)
  • Administrator: Bill Nelson
  • NASA is the US space agency

Q13) Which Indian film will be screened in the Palme d’Or category at the 77th Cannes Film Festival 2024?

A. We Imagine As Light
B. Fighter
C. Singham
D. Welcome to the Jungle

Answer: A. We Imagine As Light

  • The 77th Cannes Film Festival has started in Cannes, France from May 14 to May 25
  • This year, Indian filmmaker Payal Kapadia’s film ‘All We Imagine as Light’ will be screened in the prestigious Palme d’Or category of the festival

Cannes Film Festival:

  • Establishment: 20 September 1946 (as International Film Festival)
  • Location: Cannes, France Franca
  • It is a film festival
  • India became the official country of honor at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022
  • The 1946 film Neecha Nagar (Chetan Anand Film) is the first Indian film to be awarded the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival

Q14) Which Indian company has recently set up a human- centric AI centre at the Centre of cellencer R

A. Infosys
B. HCL Technologies
C. Tata Consultancy Services
D. Wipro

Answer: C. Tata Consultancy Service

  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has set up a human-centric AI Centre at the Centre of Excellence in Paris, France
  • It will provide French companies with the best services related to the global ecosystem of startups, technology related to education and research
  • TCS is the software services and consulting company of the Tata Group
  • TCS was established on 1 April 1968 with its headquarters located in Mumbai

Q15) Which has become India’s best institute in Rankings?

A. IIT Madras
B. Jawaharlal Nehru University
C. IIT Bombay
D. IIM Ahmedabad

Answer: D. IIM Ahmedabad

  • The Center for World University Rankings has released the list of 2000 best educational institutions in the world for 2024
  • In this, Harvard University has been considered the best institution in the world
  • IIM Ahmedabad has achieved the status of the best institute in India
  • Indian Institute of Science (IIS) dropped 7 places to 501st position.
  • IIT Bombay (568), IIT Madras (582), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (606)

India has 64 institutions in this list

Indices and Reports :

Index NameIndia Rank1st Rank
Solar Energy Producing Countries3China
Press Freedom Index 2024159Norway
World Cyber Crime Index 2024-10Russia
Hurun Global Unicorn Index 20243America

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