Daily Current Affairs of 7 June 2024 with MCQ

In this session, we will discuss the Daily Current Affairs of 7 June 2024 with MCQ. These MCQ basis current affairs will help all of the students, who are preparing for government examinations. Also, this current affairs will help to grow your brain knowledge. In this post, we read the India Current with World Current Affairs. So, let’s begin.

Daily Current Affairs of 7 June 2024

Daily Current Affairs of 7 June 2024

Q1) Haryana government has announced a Rs 10,000 crore project funded by which bank to tackle air pollution?

D. World Bank

Answer: D. World Bank

Important Points:

  • The Haryana government has announced a Rs 10,000 crore project funded by the World Bank to tackle air pollution.
  • The project aims to improve air quality in Haryana, starting with NCR districts and expanding across the state.
  • It includes setting up a state-of-the-art laboratory and modernising four existing laboratories.

About the World Bank:

  • Founded: July 1944
  • Headquarters: Washington, D.C.
  • Chairman Ajay Banga

Q2) Which Lok Sabha constituency has made the record of receiving maximum NOTA votes?

A. Ayodhya
B. Indore
C. Varanasi
D. Amethi

Answer: B. Indore

Important Points:

  • The NOTA option stands for ‘None of the Above’.
  • It was introduced in 2013, which gives voters the option of not choosing any of the contesting candidates.
  • For the first time in the country’s electoral history, NOTA has received 2 lakh 18 thousand votes.
  • BJP candidate Shankar Lalwani from Indore created history by winning by nearly 7 lakh votes. 14 percent of the total voters chose the option of ‘None of These’ (NOTA).
  • In 2019, Gopalganj in Bihar set a record of 51,660 NOTA voters.
  • Out of a total of 61,31,33,300 votes in the 2019 general elections, 65,14,558 (1.06 percent) were cast for NOTA.
  • NOTA was introduced in 2013 after the order of the Supreme Court.

Q3) When is World Food Safety Day celebrated recently?

A. 5 June
B. 3 June
C. 2 June
D. 7 June

Answer: D. 7 June

Q4) Who has become the first cricketer to hit 600 sixes in international cricket?

A. Rohit Sharma
B. Virat Kohli
C. Jan Nicole Lofty-Eaton
D. Harshal Patel

Answer: A. Rohit Sharma

Options Current Affairs:

  • Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli scored the most 8 centuries in IPL matches
  • Jan Nicole Lofty-Eaton: Namivia’s Jan Nicole Lofty-Eaton holds the record for the fastest century in 120 International (T20) cricket (scored his 100 runs in 33 balls)
  • Harshal Patel: Harshal Patel got the Purple Cap in IPL 2024

Important Points:

  • Rohit Sharma has become the first batsman in the world to hit 600 sixes in international cricket.
  • Rohit Sharma is the Indian captain with the most wins in T20 cricket.
  • Rohit Sharma is the first Indian and the second player in the world to hit 100 sixes in T20 and ODI International.
  • Rohit Sharma is the third player to score more than 4000 runs in T20 International after Virat Kohli (4038 runs) and Babar Azam (4023).

Most sixes in international cricket:

Player NameCountryTotal Sixes
Rohit SharmaIndia600
Chris GayleWest Indies553
Shahid AfridiPakistan524
Brendon McCullumNew Zealand432
Martin GuptillNew Zealand367


IPL 2024 Awards Winners:

  • Orange Cap (Runs): Virat Kohli, RCB (741)
  • Purple cap (Wickets): Harshal Patel, Punjab Kings (24)
  • Player of the tournament – Sunil Narine, KKR (Most valuable player)
  • Final Player Of The Match: Mitchell Starc
  • Final Striker Of The Match: Venkatesh Iyer (KKR)
  • 2024 Emerging player of the season – Nitish Kumar Reddy (SRH)
  • 2024 Fairplay Award-Sunrisers Hyderabad

About Indian Premier League 2024:

  • Edition: 17th
  • Number of matches: 74
  • Administrator: BCCI
  • Title sponsor: Tata

Q5) Who has been awarded the Gudleppa Hallikeri Award?

A. Siddalinga Pattanashetty
B. Gulzar
C. Sanjeev
D. Neelam Saran Gaur

Answer: A. Siddalinga Pattanashetty

Options Current Affairs:

  • Rambhadracharya and Gulzar: 58th Jnanpith Award 2023
  • Sanjeev: Sahitya Akademi Award 2023 for Hindi
  • Neelam Saran Gaur: Sahitya Akademi Award 2023 for English

Important Points:

  • Poet Siddalinga Pattanashetty has been selected for the Gudleppa Hallikeri Award
  • The award carries a cash prize of Rs 25,000
  • The award is given by the Gudleppa Hallikeri Memorial Foundation
  • The Gudleppa Hallikeri Award is given to those who have achieved remarkable achievement in literature, society or social service

Dada Saheb Phalke Award (Film):

  • 2023 (53rd): Waheeda Rehman
  • 2020 (52nd): Asha Parekh

Saraswati Samman (Literature):

  • 2023 (33rd): Prabha Verma (‘Raudra Satvikam’)
  • 2022 (32nd): Shivashankari (‘Surya Vamsham’) Vamsham’) SI

Vyas Samman (Literature):

  • 2023 (33rd): Pushpa Bharati (‘Yadein, Yaadein, Yaadein’)
  • 2022 (32nd): Gyan Chaturvedi (‘Pagalkhana’)

Indira Gandhi Peace Prize:

  • 2023: Daniel Barenboim and Ali Abu Awwad
  • 2022: Indian Medical Association and Trained Nurses Association

Gandhi Peace Prize:

  • 2021: Geeta Press, Gorakhpur (U.P., India)
  • 2020: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Former President of Bangladesh)


  • The Sahitya Akademi was established on 12 March 1954 by the Government of India
  • The headquarters of the Akademi is located in New Delhi and
  • The Sahitya Akademi Award was first awarded in the year 1954
  • Pandit Makhanlal Chaturvedi was awarded the first Sahitya Akademi Award in Hindi in 1955 for his work “Him Tarangini”.
  • This award is given in English and Rajasthani as well as in the 22 languages ​​included in the Constitution of India.
  • The Sahitya Akademi Award is the second highest literary honour given by the Government of India after the Jnanpith Award.
  • The prize money is: Rs 1 lakh.
  • Madhav Kaushik has been appointed the President of the National Sahitya Akademi.

Q6) Which Indian-origin astronaut has traveled to space for the third time?

A. Tessy Thomas
B. Santosh Yadav
C. Akshata rishnamurthy
D. Sunita Williams

Answer: D. Sunita Williams

Options Current Affairs:

  • Tessy Thomas: Missile Woman of India
  • Santosh Yadav: The first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest twice
  • Akshata Krishnamurthy: The first Indian to operate a rover on Mars

Important Points:

  • Indian-origin astronauts Sunita Williams and Butch Wilmore have flown into space under NASA’s Starliner mission
  • This mission was launched on June 5, 2024
  • This spacecraft will reach the International Space Station on June 6, 2024
  • Both astronauts will stay in the space station for about a week to test the Starliner spacecraft and its subsystems

About Sunita Williams:

  • She is the second woman of Indian origin to go to space through NASA
  • She belongs to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Her father Deepak Pandya is a doctor in America
  • Born: 19 September 1965 (America)
  • She has flown into space twice in 2006 and 2012
  • According to NASA data, she spent a total of 322 days in space are

About NASA:

  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Founded: 29 July 1958
  • Headquarters: Washington DC (USA)
  • Administrator: Bill Nelson
  • NASA is the space agency of America
  • NASA has planned to build the first railway system on the moon
  • NASA has launched the PREFIRE mission to study heat emission at the Earth’s poles
  • NASA has launched the PACE mission to study the oceans and atmosphere.
  • ‘NISAR’ satellite has been built by ISRO-NASA

Q7) Which country will host the International Air Transport Association (IATA) meeting in 2025?

A. India
B. Australia
C. Italy
D. Brazil

Answer: A. India

Options Current Affairs:

  • Australia: Hosting AFC Women’s Asia Cup 2026
  • Italy: Hosting G7 Summit 2024
  • Brazil: Hosting G20 Summit 2024

Important Points:

  • India will host the prestigious 81st International Air Transport Association (IATA) Annual General Meeting in 2025
  • This meeting is being held in India after 42 years
  • In 2025, the meeting will be held from 8 to 10 June
  • The event will be held in New Delhi
  • Earlier, India has hosted this meeting in 1958 and 1983
  • IndiGo will host
  • The 80th IATA Annual General Meeting has been organized in Dubai (UAE)

International Air Transport Association:

  • Formed: 19 April 1945
  • Headquarters: Montreal (Canada)
  • Membership: 120
  • This association advocates on behalf of airlines worldwide

Conference 2024:

Conference 2024Place
Cyber ​​Security Conclave 2024New Delhi
Arabian Travel Mart 2024Dubai, UAE
16th World Future Energy SummitAbu Dhabi
1st Nuclear Energy Summit 2024Belgium
3rd Summit for DemocracySouth Korea
19th NAM Summit KampalaUganda
9th Raisina DialogueNew Delhi
Wings India 2024 AirshowHyderabad
Climate SummitMumbai
7th Indian Ocean ConferencePerth, Australia

Q8) Who has become the first person to complete 1000 days in space?

A. Rus Cook
B. Oleg Kononenko
C. Gopi Thotakura
D. Ed Dwight

Answer: B. Oleg Kononenko

Options Current Affairs:

  • Rus Cook: Rus Cook (Hordst Geyser): Became the first person to run across Africa
  • Oleg Kononenko: Ed Dwight: Oldest person to go to space (90 years)
  • Gopi Thotakura: Gopi Thotakura: Became the first Indian space tourist

Important Points:

  • Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko has become the first person in the world to complete 1000 days in space
  • Oleg has made a record of completing 1000 days in space in total
  • Earlier this record was of Russian cosmonaut Padalka, Gennady was in space for 878 days
  • Oleg has completed 1000 days in space in his fifth space journey

First in space:

First in spaceAnswer
First person to go to spaceYuri Gagarin
(1961, Soviet Union)
First country to send satellite into spaceRussia
World’s first artificial satelliteSputnik-1
(1957, Russia)
First person to go to space Space dogLaika
The first woman to go to spaceValentina Tereshkova
(1963, Soviet Union)
The first Indian to go to spaceRakesh Sharma (1984)

Q9) Where in Haryana has GST Bhawan been inaugurated recently?

A. Faridabad
B. Panchkula
C. Gurugram
D. Rohtak

Answer: D. Rohtak

  • Chairman of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) Sanjay Kumar Agarwal inaugurated GST Bhawan, an official complex of CGST Rohtak Commissionerate in Rohtak, Haryana.
  • This building will provide easy and quick access to taxpayers.

Major buildings established recently

Major buildings establishedPlace
Navy BhawanDelhi
Chola Bhawan Naval War CollegeGoa
Patson BhawanKolkata
Kaushal BhawanNew Delhi
New Parliament HouseNew Delhi
Videsh BhawanMumbai
Udan BhawanSafdarjung Airport, Delhi
GST BhawanAgartala, Tripura
Jansa BhawanNew Delhi

Important facts related to GST:

  • GST is an indirect tax.
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) was first implemented in France.
  • India’s GST is based on the Canadian model. GST in India was implemented on the basis of the recommendations of Vijay Kelkar Committee
  • GST in India was implemented from 1 July 2017
  • The first state to implement GST was Assam
  • GST has been implemented under Article 279
  • GST Council was constituted by the President of India in September 2016.
  • GST was the 122nd Constitutional Amendment bill.
  • The President gave his assent to the GST bill on 8 September 2016.
  • There are 5 types of tax rates in GST, 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.

Q10) World’s first EV battery passport will be launched by?

A. Volvo Cars
B. PSA Group
C. Toyota Motor
D. Ford

Answer: A. Volvo Cars

  • Volvo to release world’s first EV battery passport
  • This battery passport has been developed by Volvo in partnership with UK company Circulor

What is a battery passport?

  • The battery passport will show information including the battery’s composition, origin of key materials, their carbon footprint and recycled content
  • Battery passports will become mandatory for electric vehicles (EVs) sold in the European Union from February 2027

First in India and the world:

First in India and the world:Answer
World’s first ethanol-powered car unveiledNew Delhi
First hydrogen bus service in IndiaLeh
World’s first hydrogen trainGermany
World’s second hydrogen trainChina
World’s first dual mode vehicleJapan
India’s first water taxi serviceNavi Mumbai to Mumbai
India’s first water metro serviceKochi
India’s first underwater metroKolkata
India’s first hydrogen-powered truckBengaluru

Q11) Ibu volcano which erupted recently is located in which country?

A. America
B. France
C. Ecuador
D. Indonesia

Answer: D. Indonesia

Options Current Affairs:

  • America: Mauna Loa
  • France: Piton des Neiges
  • Ecuador: Cotopaxi
  • Mount Ibu volcano in Indonesia erupted again on June 6
  • Volcanic ash up to 1,200 meters (4,000 feet) high has come out from Ibu volcano
  • Ibu volcano is located on the remote island of Halmahera, Indonesia
  • Indonesia has about 127 active volcanoes
  • Ibu volcano has erupted more than 21,000 times in 2023

Major Volcanoes of the world:

Mount CotopaxiActiveEcuador
Mount EtnaActiveItaly
Koh SultanQuietIran
MonoloaDormantHawaii Island
Mount RainierActiveUnited States
Mount TaalActivePhilippines
Old Faithful (Geyser) TamboraActiveIndonesia
CameroonActiveWest Africa

Q12) NPCI has tied up with the central bank of which country to launch UPI payments?

A. France
B. Namibia
C. Peru
D. Sri Lank

Answer: C. Peru

Options Current Affairs:

  • France: UPI system launched in Eiffel Tower of France
  • Namibia: NPCI signed an agreement with Bank of Namibia to develop a payment system like UPI
  • Sri Lanka: Phonepe has launched UPI in Sri Lanka

About UPI:

  • UPI: Unified Payments Interface
  • UPI was launched in 2016
  • It is operated by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)
  • It is an upgraded version of Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)
  • NPCI is an organization for operating retail payment and settlement systems in India

About Peru:

  • Capital: Lima
  • Currency: Nuevo Sol
  • President: ​​Dina Boluart
  • Mountain Range: Andes
  • Rivers: Amazon, Ucayali, Madre de Dios
  • Peru is the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina

Previous Current Affairs:

Daily General Knowledge Booster:

Glaciers NameCountryLength
Lambert Fisher GlacierAntarctica400 km
Hubbard GlacierAlaska, USA122 km
Fedchenko GlacierTajikistan77 km
Siachen GlacierIndia and Pakistan75 km
Biafo GlacierPakistan67 km
Bugen GlacierChile66 km
Baltoro GlacierPakistan62 km
South Inylchek GlacierKyrgyzstan and China61 km
Jostedal GlacierNorway60 km
Batura GlacierPakistan56 km

Question of the Day:

Q) Where has the world’s highest observatory been inaugurated recently?

A. Chile
B. India
C. China
D. Japan

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