Important Current Affairs of 6 July 2024 with MCQ

In this session, we will discuss the important current affairs of 6 July 2024 with MCQ. These current affairs will help with all types of examinations. Let’s go for discuss.

Important Current Affairs of 6 July 2024

Important Current Affairs of 6 July 2024

Q1) Who has taken oath as the new Chief Minister of Jharkhand?

A. Champai Soren
B. Hemant Soren
C. Mohan Charan Majhi
D. Revanth Reddy

Answer: B. Hemant Soren

Important Point:

  • Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) leader Hemant Soren took oath as the Chief Minister of Jharkhand for the third time on 4 July 2024.
  • Governor C.P. Radhakrishnan administered the oath of office and secrecy to him as the 13th Chief Minister of Jharkhand.
  • This is the third time Hemant Soren has taken oath as the Chief Minister of Jharkhand.
  • He was first sworn in as Chief Minister in 2013 and held the post till 2014.
  • For the second time, he remained the Chief Minister of the state from 2019 to 31 January 2024. He resigned from his post on 31 January 2024.

Q2) Which city will host the 46th UNESCO World Heritage Committee session?

A. Astana
B. New Delhi
C. Geneva
D. Paris

Answer: C. New Delhi

Important Point:

  • India will host the 46th UNESCO World Heritage Committee session from July 21-31, 2024 at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi.
  • The World Heritage Committee plays a vital role in protecting humanity’s most precious cultural and natural sites.


  • Founded: 16 November 1945,
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • Director: General: Audrey Azole

Q3) What is Apophis?

A. A bacteria
B. A corona vaccine
C. An asteroid
D. An AI Teacher

Answer: C. An Asteroid


  • Near-Earth asteroid Apophis, considered to be the most dangerous asteroid of the current era with a diameter of 370 metres, will pass by us on April 13, 2029 and again in 2036.
  • Dr S Somanath said that as a leading space nation, India should also take responsibility to protect the Earth from asteroids.

Q4) Which country is not included in the trilateral multi-regional exercise ‘Freedom Edge’?

A. South Korea
B. America
C. Japan
D. India

Answer: D. India

Important Point:

  • South Korea, the US and Japan conducted their first trilateral multi-regional exercise ‘Freedom Edge’ from June 27 to 29, 2024. The exercise began on Jeju, the southern island of South Korea.

Q5) Which bank has recently launched ‘MSME Sahaj’ facility?


Answer: C. SBI

Important Point:

  • State Bank of India (SBI) has recently launched the “MSME Sahaj” facility for its customers.
  • With its help, the bank’s customers can get finance up to ₹1 lakh on their warranty-free sales in less than 15 minutes.

About SBI:

  • Founded: 1 July 1955
  • Headquarters: Mumbai
  • Chairman: Dinesh Kumar Khara

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Q6) Who is going to become the new Prime Minister of Britain recently?

A. Keir Starmer
B. Rishi Sunak
C. Joe Biden
D. Dick Shoof

Answer: A. Keir Starmer

Important Point:

  • This time the Labor Party seems to have won a big victory in the UK general election. For the last 20 years, no leader of the Labor Party has become the Prime Minister.
  • The nearly 15-year-long Conservative rule has come to an end.
  • Sir Keir Starmer’s Labor Party won a landslide victory in the recent parliamentary elections.
  • Sir Keir Starmer replaced Conservative Party leader and former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, whose party lost the election badly.
  • Sir Keir Starmer will be the new resident of 10 Downing Street, located in London.
  • 10 Downing Street is the official residence and office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

About Britain:

  • Capital: London
  • Currency: Pound Sterling

Current Affairs:

  • India receives 100 tonnes of gold from Britain
  • London: Tops traffic index

Military exercise:

  • Konkar
  • Ajeya Warrior

Q7) Who recently took charge as the Deputy Chief of the Indian Army?

A. N S Raja Subramani
B. Upendra Dwivedi Indian
C. Dinesh Kumar Tripathi
D. Senthil Pandian

Answer: A. N S Raja Subramani

  • Lieutenant General NS Rajasubramani took over as the Vice Chief of Army Staff in July 2024.
  • He replaced former Deputy Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi
  • who took over as the 30th Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army on 1 July 2024.

Q8) Who has been recently appointed as the new Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court?

A. Justice Sheel Nagu
B. Justice Arun Bhansali
C. Justice N. Kotiswar Singh
D. Justice DY Chandrachur

Answer: A. Justice Sheel Nagu

Important Point:

  • Justice Sheel Nagu has been appointed as the Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court.
  • Justice Nagu served as the Acting Chief Justice of the Madhya Pradesh High Court after Chief Justice Ravi Malimath demitted office on May 24, 2024.

Q9) Recently, in which state’s medical colleges, students will start studying in Hindi medium from the upcoming academic session?

A. Haryana
B. Bihar
C. Rajasthan
D. Odisha

Answer: B. Bihar

Important Point:

  • Under the provisions of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, after the governments of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh announced to make medical courses available in Hindi, now the Bihar government has also taken steps in this direction. The Bihar government has now announced to conduct the medical graduate course MBBS in Hindi.

About Bihar:

  • Formation: 26 January 1950
  • Capital: Patna
  • Governor: Shri Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar
  • Chief Minister: Shri Nitish Kumar
  • Deputy Chief Minister: Samrat Choudhary and Vijay Kumar Sinha
  • Assembly: 243
  • Lok Sabha: 40
  • Rajya Sabha: 16
  • Language: Hindi
  • Districts: 38

Q10) Where has the Global Conference on Plastic Recycling and Sustainability started recently?

A. Lucknow
B. New Delhi
C. Kolkata
D. Bhubaneswar

Answer: B. New Delhi

Q11) Smriti Biswas has died recently, who was she?

A. Writer
B. Singer
C. Sports Person
D. Actress

Answer: D. Actress

Q12) Who has recently become the new Chief Justice of ‘Jharkhand High Court’?

A. Vidyut Ranjan
B. Naveen Chandra Jha
C. Ravindra Kumar Tyagi
D. Dr. BN Gangadhar

Answer: A. Vidyut Ranjan

  • Upendra Dwivedi has taken charge as the 30th Army Chief
  • CS Shetty will become the new Chairman of ‘SBI’
  • IAS Manoj Kumar Singh has become the new Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh
  • ‘Sujata Siknik’ has taken charge as the new Chief Secretary of Maharashtra
  • Ravi Agarwal has become the new President of ‘CBDT’
  • Aksha Mohit Kamboj has been appointed as the Vice President of India Bullion Jewelers Association
  • Mark Root has been appointed as the next Secretary General of NATO
  • Kapil Dev has become the new golf chief of India
  • Simon Mak has been appointed Vice Chancellor in India’s first AI University

Q13) Where has the Global India AI Summit 2024 concluded recently?

A. Mumbai
B. Bengaluru
C. New Delhi
D. Bhubaneswar

Answer: C. New Delhi

Q14) In which state has the ‘endangered mainland sero’ been seen recently?

A. Odisha
B. Assam
C. Maharashtra
D. Gujarat

Answer: B. Assam

About Asssam:

  • Formation: 20 February 1987
  • Capital: Itanagar
  • Governor: Lt. General Kaiwalya Trivikram Parnaik
  • Chief Minister: Shri Pema Khandu
  • Deputy Chief Minister: Chowna Mein
  • Assembly: 60
  • Lok Sabha: 2
  • Rajya Sabha: 1
  • Language: English
  • Districts: 26

Current Affairs of Assam:

  • The first Gallah Sanrakshan Yojana has been launched in Assam to provide justice
  • Flood relief camps in Assam will provide ‘School in a Box’ kits to children
  • Assam government announced monthly stipend to prevent child marriage
  • Prime Minister Modi has unveiled a 125 feet high statue of Lachit Borphukan in Jorhat, Assam
  • Prime Minister Modi has inaugurated the Sela Tunnel connecting Assam and Arunachal Pradesh
  • Prime Minister Modi has inaugurated the fourth edition of Khelo India University Games (Ashtalakshmi) in Guwahati
  • Kazi Nemu has been recognized as the state fruit of Assam

Q15) Who has recently launched the world’s first ‘CNG bike’?

A. Bajaj
B. Hero
C. Honda
D. Yamaha

Answer: A. Bajaj

Q16) Who will host the 57th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting recently?

A. Thailand
B. London
C. Laos
D. Vietnam

Answer: C. Laos

Q17) Who has recently been appointed as the Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court?

A. J. Sheel Nagu
B. Chirag Mittal
C. Dr. BN Gangadhar
D. None of these

Answer: A. J. Sheel Nagu

Q18) Who has recently partnered with the Indian Olympic Association as a major sponsor?

D. Reliance

Answer: A. BPCL

Q19) Who has recently won the ‘Spice Award 2024’?

A. Preeti Nair
B. Sopana Kallingal
C. Piyush Pandey
D. None of these

Answer: B. Sopana Kallingal

Q20) Which state’s Chief Minister has recently launched the ‘Lokpath Mobile App’?

A. Haryana
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Odisha
D. Madhya Pradesh

Answer: D. Madhya Pradesh

Important Point:

  • Pench Tiger Reserve has launched the first advanced AI system for forest fire
  • The Madhya Pradesh government approved the establishment of a PM College of Excellence in all districts
  • The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has launched the PM Shri Tourism Air Service
  • The Madhya Pradesh Cabinet has abolished the government system of income tax payment of ministers
  • The Madhya Pradesh government has allowed shops and commercial establishments to remain open 24 hours

About Madhya Pradesh:

  • Formation: 1 November 1956
  • Capital: Bhopal
  • Governor: Shri Mangubhai Chhaganbhai Patel
  • Chief Minister: Mohan Yadav
  • Deputy Chief Minister: Rajendra Shukla Jagdish Devda
  • Assembly: 230
  • Lok Sabha: 29
  • Rajya Sabha: 11
  • Language: Hindi
  • Districts: 53

Q21) Who will lead the Indian team in the Paris Olympics?

A. Avinash Sable
B. Beijing
C. Neeraj Chopra
D. None of these

Answer: C. Neeraj Chopra

Q22) Who has recently been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Munich Film Festival?

A. Zora Thiessen
B. Kate Winslet
C. Felix Clair
D. None of these

Answer: B. Kate Winslet

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Question of the Day:

Q) Who has been recently named ‘MD&CEO’ by SBI General Insurance?

A. Dinesh Khara
B. Naveen Chandra Jha
C. Ravindra Kumar Tyagi
D. Chirag Mittal

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