Important Odisha GK 2024 Marathon

In this session, we will discuss the Important Odisha GK 2024 Marathon with MCQ. There are many mcqs will be help with all types of examinations. These odisha gk is most important for odisha government examinations.

Important Odisha GK 2024 Marathon

Important Odisha GK 2024 Marathon

1. Historical Names of Odisha

Q1) Which historical name of Odisha was mentioned during the Gupta period?

A. Utkala
B. Mahakantara
C. Odra
D. Oddiyana

Answer: B. Mahakantara

Q2) Which tribe gave its name to Odisha during ancie times?

A. Utkala
B. Odra
C. Oddiyana
D. Tosali

Answer: B. Odra

Q3) In which historical text is Odisha referred to as “Oddiyana”?

A. Ramayana
B. Mahabharata
C. Buddhist texts
D. Gupta period texts

Answer: C. Buddhist texts

Q4) What was the name used for the region of Narla in Kalahandi?

A. Utkala
B. Kongoda
C. South Kosala
D. KamalaMandala

Answer: D. KamalaMandala

Q5) Which region was named South Kosala, including parts of modern-day Odisha?

A. Western region
B. Northern region
C. Eastern region
D. Coastal region

Answer: A. Western region

Q6) Where was the name “Kongoda” found in historical records related to Odisha?

A. Buddhist texts
B. Gupta period texts
C. Copper plate in Ganjam district
D. Copper plates in Sonepur

Answer: C. Copper plate in Ganjam district

Q7) In which historical documents was the term “Trikalinga” found in:

A. Ramayana
B. Mahabharata
C. Buddhist texts
D. Copper plates in Sonepur

Answer: D. Copper plates in Sonepur

Q8) What was “Tosall” named after during the Asoka period?

A. Kingdom
B. City
C. Tribe
D. River

Answer: B. City

2. Fairs and Festivals in Odisha

Q1) Chandrabhaga Mela (fair) is held in which district of Odisha?

A. Deogarh
B. Sambalpur
C. Balangir
D. Puri

Answer: D. Puri

Q2) The Taratarini Mela of Odisha takes place on which days of Chaitra month?

A. Monday
B. Tuesday
C. Wednesday
D. Thursday

Answer: B. Tuesday

Q3) Mahima Mela’ or ‘Joranda Mela’ is held in which day?

A. Falgun Purnima
B. Jyestha Purnima
C. Magha Purnim
D. Ashadha Purnima

Answer: C. Magha Purnim

Q4) The festival in which Lord Lingaraj is taken in a chariot from main temple to Rameshwar temple is

A. Taratarini Mela
B. Chaitra Parba
C. Ashokastami
D. Sitalsasthi

Answer: C. Ashokastami

Q5) Chandan Yatra fair is organised in

A. Puri
B. Balangir
C. Nuapada
D. Koraput

Answer: A. Puri

Q6) Which festival is a 42 day long festival related to the Lord Jagannath’s festivals in Puri district?

Dola Purnima
Chandan Yatra

Answer: C. Chandan Yatra

Q7) Which of the following festival starts on the auspiciou Akshya Tritiya?

A. Chandan Yarta
B. Ratha Yatra
C. Snana Yatra
D. Bali Yatra

Answer: A. Chandan Yarta

Q8) Which festival is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Jagannath?

A. Snana Yatra
B. Gamha Purnima
C. Taratarani Mela
D. Magha Mela

Answer: A. Snana Yatra

Q9) The festival of Sitalsasthi relates to marriage of:

A. Lord Shiva and Parvati
B. Ramayana
C. Mahabharata
D. Victory of good over evil

Answer: A. Lord Shiva and Parvati

Q10) The world famous festival of ‘Ratha Yatra’ is celebrated ir which month?

A. Kartik
B. Magha
C. Ashadha
D. Shravan

Answer: C. Ashadha

Q11) The festival of Raksha Bandhan is known by which othe name in Odisha?

A. Gamha Purnima
B. Dola Purnima
C. Ashadha Purnima
D. None of these

Answer: A. Gamha Purnima

Q12) Which festival marks the demise and rebirth of Lord Jagannath of Puri?

A. Netro Utsav
B. Ratha Yatra
C. Navajoubanabesha
D. Nabakalebara

Answer: D. Nabakalebara

Q13) Dhanu Yatra festival is related to which God/Goddess?

A. Krishna
B. Saraswati
C. Lord Shiva
D. Goddess Parvati

Answer: A. Krishna

Q14) Which day is celebrated as the beginning of the Odia year?

A. Madanotsaba
B. Akshay Tritiya
C. Shravan Purnima
D. Mahabisuva Sankranti

Answer: D. Mahabisuva Sankranti

Q15) Consider the following about ‘Makarmela’ of Odisha

I. It is celebrated during mid-January.
II. Moon God is worshipped during ‘Makar Mela’.

Which of the given statements is/are correct?

A. Only 1
B. Only 2
C. Both 1 and 2
D. Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: A. Only 1

3. Language and Literature of Odisha

Q1) Apart from Odisha, Odia is spoken in parts of:

A. West Bengal
B. Jharkhand
C. Chhattisgarh
D. All of these

Answer: D. All of these

Q2) Odia is the ……. Indian classical language?

A. 1st
B. 2nd
C. 5th
D. 6th

Answer: D. 6th

Q3) Which of the following is known as Standard Odia:

A. Ganjami Odia
B. Kataki Odia
C. Sambalpuri Odia
D. Halbi Odia

Answer: D. Halbi Odia

Q4) Which Odia dialect is a mixture of Odia and Marathi?

A. Sambalpuri
B. Halbi
C. Kataki
D. Bhatri

Answer: B. Halbi

Q5) The modern Odia script has how many alphabets!

A. 11
B. 42
C. 52
D. 60

Answer: C. 52

Q6) Who translated the Mahabharata from Sanskrit to Odia:

A. Markanda Das
B. Sarala Das
C. Jagannath Das
D. Balrama Das

Answer: B. Sarala Das

Q7) Who is considered the first great poet of Odisha?

A. Markanda Das
B. Sarala Das
C. Jagannath Das
D. Balrama Das

Answer: B. Sarala Das

Q8) Which famous literary work was translated in Odia many prominent Odia by poets?

A. Kanaklata
B. Geeta Govinda
C. Padmavat
D. Raja Tarangini

Answer: B. Geeta Govinda

Q9) Which is the most popular novel written by Fakir Mohan Senapati?

A. Yugalamath
B. Nagala Chauthi
C. Chha Mana Atha Guntha
D. Kanaklata

Answer: C. Chha Mana Atha Guntha

Q10) Who among the following is not a poet of ‘Panchasakhas’?

A. Balaram Das
B. Achyutananda Das
C. Arjuna Das
D. Jagannath Das

Answer: C. Arjuna Das

Q11) Who wrote the first Odia play ‘Babaji’ in 1877?

A. Jagmohan Leela
B. Kampal Mishra
C. Padmanav Narayan Dev
D. Kalicharan Patnaik

Answer: A. Jagmohan Leela

Q12) Great epic ‘Geeta Govinda’ was written by which eminent literary personality of Odisha?

A. Sarala Das
B. Jayadeva
C. Upendra Bhanja
D. Malik Mohammad Jayasi

Answer: B. Jayadeva

Q13) Which Odia poet of notable works like Stuti Chintan Brahma Nirupana Geeta was born blind?

A. Bhima Bhoi
B. Nandkishore Bal
C. Kavisurya Baladev Rath
D. Sarala Das

Answer: A. Bhima Bhoi

Q14) Bhima Bhoi was born in which district.

A. Ganjam
B. Cuttack
C. Sambalpur
D. Balasore

Answer: C. Sambalpur

Q15) Which place of Odisha is known as the ‘Sports Capital c India’?

A. Cuttack
B. Bhubaneswar
C. Puri
D. Ganjam

Answer: B. Bhubaneswar

Q16) The Asian Athletics Championship 2017 was organised in which place of Odisha?

A. Biju Patnaik Stadium, Rourkela
B. Barabati Stadium, Cuttack
C. Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar
D. Ispat Stadium, Rourkela

Answer: C. Kalinga Stadium, Bhubaneswar

Q17) Rakesh Oram, Susmita Malik, and Manisha Panna are associated with which sports in Odisha?

A. Wrestling
B. Rugby
C. Football
D. Hockey

Answer: C. Football

Q18) Dhabaleswar and Barkul are highly visited by tourists for which sports in Odisha?

A. Puchi
B. Paen Anba
C. Canoeing and Boating
D. Wrestling

Answer: C. Canoeing and Boating

Q19) Who of the following is associated with Field Hockey Sport in Odisha?

A. Dilip Tirkey
B. Ignace Tirkey
C. Birendra Lakra
D. All of the above

Answer: All of the above

Q20) In which part of Odisha is Biju Patnaik Hockey located?

A. Cuttack
B. Rourkela
C. Bhubaneswar
D. Sambalpur

Answer: B. Rourkela

Q21) In which year Odisha hoisted the ‘Asia Rugby Womer Championship’?

A. 2001
B. 2005
C. 2010
D. 2018

Answer: D. 2018

Q22) Odisha hoisted which world cup in Bhubaneswar?

A. Hockey World Cup
B. Cricket World Cup
C. T20 World Cup
D. Kho Kho Championship

Answer: A. Hockey World Cup

Q23) Gautam Kumar Kahali and Chandan Behera are associated with sports in Odisha?

A. Field Hockey
B. Wrestling
C. Sword Fighting
D. Rugby

Answer: B. Wrestling

Q24) The ideal time for trekking in Odisha is:

A. January-March
B. June-August
C. October-January
D. Only February

Answer: C. October-January

Q25) Which traditional game in Odisha is played only by young girls?

A. Gedi
B. Ganthi Ganana
C. Puchi
D. Rassi Tana

Answer: C. Puchi

Q26) Which traditional game in Odisha is played by throwing coconut on land and water?

A. Khapara Dian
B. Paen Anba
C. Nadia Phinga
D. Machhasare Ghina

Answer: C. Nadia Phinga

Q27) Ganthi Ganana is played by Kharial tribes of which district of Odisha?

A. Sundargarh
B. Balasore
C. Cuttack
D. Khurda

Answer: A. Sundargarh

Q28) Which game starts with Ratha Yatra?

A. Gedi
B. Hatbika
C. Bahu Chor
D. Nadia Phinga

Answer: A. Gedi

Q29) The Football Association has its headquarters at which district?

A. Cuttack
B. Ganjam
C. Puri
D. Sundargarh

Answer: Cuttack

Q30) In which year was Odisha Cricket Association was formed?

A. 1982
B. 1967
C. 1955
D. 1949

Answer: D. 1949

Q31) Which institution in Odisha maintains the Barabati Cricket Stadium located in Cuttack?

A. Odisha Cricket Academy
B. Odisha Council of Sports
C. Odisha Cricket Association
D. Odisha Sports Association

Answer: C. Odisha Cricket Associatio

Q32) The headquarters of Odisha Olympic Association is Located in:

A. Puri
B. Cuttack
C. Bhubaneswar
D. Dhenkanal

Answer: B. Cuttack

Q33) Ispat stadium is located in which city?

A. Rourkela
B. Angul
C. Bhubaneswar
D. Puri

Answer: A. Rourkela

Q34) KIIT Stadium is located in which place of Odisha?

A. Bhubaneswar
B. Nuapada
C. Rayagada
D. Balasore

Answer: A. Bhubaneswar

Q35) Biju Patnaik Award, the highest honour of the Odisha Government was instituted in which year?

A. 2001-02
B. 2004-05
C. 2007-08
D. 2010-11

Answer: A. 2001-02

Q36) Biju Patnaik Hockey Stadium is located in which place of:

A. Bhubaneswar
B. Sambalpur
C. Rourkela
D. Malkangiri

Answer: A. Bhubaneswar

Q37) Debasish Sarbeswar Mohanty belongs to which place of Odisha?

A. Puri
B. Bargarh
C. Bhubaneswar
D. Ganjam

Answer: C. Bhubaneswar

Previous History GK:

Question for you

Q) When was Odisha declared as a state?

A. 1 April 1936
B. 1 April 1937
C. 1 April 1945
D. 1 April 1932

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